The Gun Culture: Use It Or Lose It
Commentary by Clive Edwards

The worst thing you can do is lose heart! "Were queer, we're here and we're not going away!" Okay, wrong group, but you get the idea. We continue to be who we are and practice those acts that define us as members of the gun culture. We collect, we shoot and we get them while they're young. We have a powerful and I do mean powerful documentary filmmaker emerging on our side - Christopher di Armani. Visit his website at

I have seen a preview copy of his thirty minute documentary, "Good Men versus Bad Law" - The story of CUFOA and their January 1, 2003 Demonstration against the Firearms Act on Ottawa's Parliament Hill. It makes you want to get out there and burn your license. As long as there are people such as CUFOA willing to "bump back" as the man says in the movie, "Hellboy"; and as long as there are those such as Christopher di Armani who are willing and able to document the "bumping back" then we are still in the fight.

I should point out that internationally the tide seems to be turning our way. A UN conference on self protection is scheduled to be held in Leeds, England. The reason? Some at the UN have lost faith in the UN's ability to protect people in conflict zones. They will be discussing whether collecting arms from these people might in fact be contributing to their demise.

A couple of anti-gun experiments are underway. In South Africa, with the help of Canada and Wendikins. It looks like it will lead to even more massive non-compliance than we have in Canada. Look for it to create the spark that re-ignites violence in South Africa. Brazil is also going through a massive "gun buyback" program. At a hundred bucks tops per gun I don't think they will get the good ones.

Closer to home more US states than ever have concealed carry laws. Crime statistics support such laws. The "assault weapons" ban, including the ban on high capacity magazines, has been allowed to expire because no proof exists that it did any good. Even more of an upset to statist anti-gunners everywhere is the fact that Washington, DC gun laws have been reversed. For years DC had the toughest anti-gun laws in the US. It also had the highest murder and gun crime rates. Just watch. It won't take long for the murder and gun crime rates to come down. When they do it will be up to us and people such as Christopher di Armani to rub Ottawa's face in it.

At home, Bruce Montague will get us all our constitutional challenge (if the Feds don't jam out and run). He will need all the financial assistance we can provide over time, so keep abreast of his case and throw a few dollars or more his way whenever you think about it.

The Liberals have a minority government that will go down sooner rather than later due to Paul Martin's arrogance. Now that Canadians have seen that the Liberals are not invincible they likely won't get even their minority government back. It is important to apply heat with renewed vigor. Join another pro-firearms group. Join CUFOA because they have the biggest balls in the country. Support the NFA because they have staked out the international and conservative arenas in which to represent us. The NFA also does good work attracting new shooters. Support your local provincial organizations and game clubs. Join the NRA and JPFO because without our American brothers and sisters things would be a whole lot worse. JPFO in particular has become my "Jewish Documentation Center" of choice because their specialty is education and research, and they have the best and absolutely irrefutable information about why individual firearms are an absolute necessity in society. Get a copy of "Innocents Betrayed" and watch it with family and friends. There is no "anti-gun" answer to "Innocents Betrayed.

While we are on the topic of movies and documentaries, a couple of "pro-liberty" film festivals have sprouted up in the US this past year. One in Texas, the other in California. We need one in Canada. Documentaries, short dramas and feature films, pro-liberty music and publications are what will give us the traction we need to prevail. Remember, it is our CULTURE we are trying to pass on to future generations and culture is more than JUST guns. And remember, culture is strictly a use it or lose it proposition.

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Copyright 2004