Day fires back

by Stockwell Day

PUBLICATION:  Calgary Herald
DATE: 2006.07.03
SECTION: Q: Queries - Quibbles - Quirks
BYLINE: Stockwell Day
SOURCE:  Calgary Herald

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Day fires back

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Registry - Re: "Day misfires on registry claim," Danielle Smith,

Opinion, June 27.

Danielle Smith wrongly accused the government of not fulfilling its promises on scrapping the long-gun registry. We have fulfilled our commitments by introducing legislation to repeal the long-gun registration requirement, introducing a transitional one-year amnesty and waiving fees for licence renewals, while initiating a refund for renewal fees paid since Jan. 1, 2004 and abolishing the Canada Firearms Centre as an independent agency. It has been placed under the RCMP to focus the gun control system more clearly on tackling crime.

The government has also recommitted to maintaining effective safe storage laws, firearms safety training and a certification screening system for those wishing to acquire firearms legally.

We have introduced legislation to impose tough mandatory minimum sentences for firearms offences, cracking down on smuggling by arming our border guards and recruiting more officers to end work-alone situations. RCMP resources have been expanded to add 1,000 new police positions to the force;

These actions are in large part thanks to MP Garry Breitkreuz, who has been at the forefront of this issue for years. The government is committed to making broader reforms to focus gun control on the strict monitoring of high-risk individuals while eliminating unnecessary burdens on law-abiding gun owners.

Among the measures planned is a more efficient licensing system without the costly and burdensome five-year renewal requirement. These reforms will begin with consultations with provinces, territories and stakeholders this summer.

Our actions reflect what Canadians voted for: effective gun control and effective measures to protect families and communities.

Stockwell Day, Ottawa, Ont.

Stockwell Day is Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.

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