It's NOT Possible for Firearms Owners
to get a Fair Trial

by Joe Gingrich

Canadian firearms owners have felt the wrath of many organizations over the last 30 years. Such organizations as the Canadian Professional Police Association, theCanadian Association of Chiefs of Police, some health associations, somewomen'sgroups, the Coalition for Gun Control, major political parties and the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) have all unfairly shifted the blame of gun violence and the criminal misuse of firearms upon innocent, responsible Canadians who own firearms.

These groups all have their own agendas for being involved in a large conspiracy to disarm Canadian gun owners under the guise of public safety. Usually one conspirator will make up a lie and have their co-conspirators disseminate it to the public as factual (9,11).

There exists a cleverly crafted 38 year collusion within the Canadian Bar Association and among its allies against one group of freedom-loving conscientious Canadians: the Canadian firearms community.

There has been long-held unsubstantiated feelings within the firearms community that the scales of the Canadian justice system were weighing against it. However, there was no tangible evidence that widespread legal unfairness was actively propagated towards them from within the justice system until May 26, 2010.

It was then that the CBA presented their three page Letter to Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights, "Re: Bill C-391 - Repeal of Long-Gun Registry" to Garry Breitkreuz, M.P., Chair, Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security shown below (ref 9 &11).

The surprise is that the bigoted CBA volunteered this information exposing themselves as to the extent and duration of their conspiracy against the Canadian firearms community. This "legal" organization has been allowed to unfurl anti-gun propaganda and support discriminatory laws upon a distinct group of 5 million blameless Canadian gun owners for decades. (10)

Canadian gun law violations are primarily tried by a judge, only a few with judge and jury. Since 1972 the CBA has been anti-gun. All judges were at one time lawyers, law students, and even "unpolished" students before reaching the bench. Our judges may have been impartial at one time, until they were subjected to the antigun brain-washing propaganda along their journey toward the judiciary by the CBA. Two thirds of the lawyers in Canada (7) are members of the CBA; some are forced to join the organization by regulatory law.

Therefore, possibly as many as 2/3 or more of the Canadian judges on the bench are anti-gun and severely prejudiced against members of one specific minority group, the Canadian firearms community.

When a lawyer is appointed as a judge they must "rescind" their ties to the CBA. Does that mean Canadian judges, former lawyers and law students, whose open minds have been scarred for decades by the CBA's antigun activities are now to become "impartial" judges? Do you believe they will recant their well etched prejudices towards members of the firearms community acquired by their previous years of affiliation with the CBA? "Leopards don't change their spots." This mind change is highly unlikely.

Suspicions of biased judges sitting on the bench meting out harsh sentences for members of the Canadian firearms community, abound. "Judges must be and should appear to be impartial with respect to their decisions and decision making. Judges should disqualify themselves in any case in which they believe they will be unable to judge impartially. Judges should disqualify themselves in any case in which they believe that a reasonable, fair minded and informed person would have a reasoned suspicion of conflict between a judge's personal interest (or that of a judge's immediate family or close friends or associates) and a judge's duty."(2)

Where do members of the Canadian firearms community find impartial lawyers to represent them? In the Canadian Code of Professional Conduct for lawyers under "Integrity" (Chapter 1), it states: "If
the client is in any doubt about the lawyer's trustworthiness, the essential element in the lawyer-client relationship will be missing." (1,7,8,12 ) But what's likely more significant, where can these individuals find objective judges(2) and neutral courts of law within Canada (4)? - -They can not!

1. The CBA has intentionally and maliciously corrupted the wells of justice within Canada since 1972 to the extent that anyone charged with an offence from within the firearms community would be unable
to receive a fair trial (11). Remember, "The Canadian Bar Association is a national association representing over 37,000 jurists, including judges, lawyers, notaries, law teachers and law students across Canada." (3,4,5,6,7,8)

2. What remedies are expected for this miscarriage of justice? Primum non nocere. "First, do no harm." The extent of bias within the Canadian justice system is wide-spread towards members of the Canadian firearms community. Therefore, all legal proceedings against members of the Canadian firearms community must be STAYED on a national level. These individuals absolutely can not receive a fair trial within Canada. As part of the remedy, the govt. of Canada and the provinces must apologize to the Canadian firearms community for its ruthless brutal oppression of its most innocent, responsible, and trustworthy citizens. These governments must return, in a timely fashion, all the seized property and/or just compensation for such property where it has been destroyed and/or defaced. This includes any payments made by members of the firearms community for any government required firearms' related licenses such as (firearms registration, firearms possession and acquisition licenses and/or firearms possession only licenses etc.)

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