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An open letter to my Christian = friends:=20

By Aaron Zelman
Executive Director
Jews for the = Preservation of=20 Firearms Ownership

What's wrong with this picture?=20

A Florida city allows a Jewish menorah to be displayed in a public = park=E2=80=94but=20 forbids a nativity scene to be placed next to = it.i=20

Seventh graders in a California school take an intensive three-week = course=20 on Islam=E2=80=94which includes praying to Allah and conducting a mock = jihad=E2=80=94but are=20 not allowed to study Christianity in = school.ii=20

A library employee is fired for wearing a cross pendant to work, = and a=20 teacher's aide is suspended for a year without pay for doing the same=20 thing.iii Yet at the same time, in the name = of=20 "tolerance," workplaces allow Islamic crescents, Wiccan symbols, Stars = of=20 David, and other non-Christian religious signs.=20

Few people would have believed it 10 years ago=E2=80=94or even = five=E2=80=94or even two or=20 three years ago. But Christianity is in danger of becoming a scorned = and=20 despised religion in the United States.=20

The tide is being held back for the moment. The Florida city said = the=20 nativity scene could be placed at a different (although less = prominent) public=20 location, parents sued the California school district for its = promotion of a=20 religion, and judges ordered the fired and suspended employees to be=20 re-instated.=20

Yet all is not well for Christians in America. Similar incidents = are=20 reported every day, and many don't have happy outcomes for followers = of=20 Christ. Around the globe, things are worse. We know of at least three=20 genocides within the last hundred years that have specifically = targeted=20 Christians.iv With militant Islam on the = rise, and=20 some 100 million Muslims worldwide supporting jihad against = "infidels," times=20 are dangerous indeed for Christians.=20

You might imagine Christianity can't be threatened in the United = States=20 because it's America's majority faith. But there's no assurance = Christians=20 will remain in the majority. And ironically, part of the reason = Christianity=20 is so threatened now is that it is the majority faith. It's = hard to=20 imagine an employer walking up to a Jew and demanding, "Remove that = star of=20 David pendant," or approaching a Muslim and ordering him to take off a = tie-tack in the shape of a crescent. The employer would be terrified = of being=20 accused of bigotry. But that same employer feels safe demanding = removal of=20 Christian symbols because Christianity, as the majority religion, is = seen as=20 the "oppressor" of other religions and cultures. (This phenomenon is = similar=20 to the way in which white males can be criticized in the workplace = more safely=20 than women or minorities.)=20

Already, the worm of religious bigotry is eating into the heart of = the=20 American consciousness=E2=80=94including the Christian consciousness. = Not long ago, I=20 spoke with a man who happened to mention he was Christian. Immediately = after=20 telling me that, he apologized for his beliefs. I asked why on earth = he should=20 be sorry. He began to mumble that Christians were responsible for = slavery and=20 oppression and slaughter of native peoples and bigotry toward other = religions.=20 In other words, although he was a Christian himself who had never been = guilty=20 of any of those evils, he had completely bought into the current = cultural=20 prejudice that his religion was inherently cruel and = corrupt=E2=80=94something to feel=20 ashamed of.=20


Why should JPFO, as a Jewish group, care whether Christians are = suffering=20 discrimination?=20

We care for many reasons. And so should everyone, regardless of = religion or=20 creed.=20

First, everyone should care because demonizing any religion (or any = group=20 for that matter) is dangerous. It's dangerous not only to the targeted = group,=20 but to society in general. Once you set a pattern in which bigotry is=20 acceptable, then bigotry can be turned on any group -- to their = destruction.=20 Ultimately, you may end up with a society in ruins, as one faction = repeatedly=20 turns on another and tears the fabric of a nation apart.=20

If you are Jewish, you should care because Christian America is the = best=20 home our people have found in 2,000 years. Despite all its = imperfections,=20 despite the anti-Semitism that some U.S. Christians (and = non-believers) have=20 practiced against us, this remains the most tolerant, prosperous, and = safest=20 home we could be blessed with.=20

If you are Christian, you should care because the actions described = at the=20 top of this article may be only the beginning. One Holocaust survivor=20 observed, "Auschwitz wasn't built with bricks. It was built with = words."=20 That's how it begins. When Christ-haters (or = G-dv=20 haters) learn they can get away with small deeds of discrimination, = they move=20 on to larger ones ... and more heinous ones. Actions borne of hatred = must be=20 chopped off at the roots. Otherwise hatred proliferates.=20

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms ownership has made exhaustive = studies=20 on the pre-conditions for genocide=E2=80=94and we see the very early = stages of=20 genocide rising in this country. In fact, the self-hatred expressed by = my=20 Christian acquaintance eerily echoes the negative feelings many Jews=20 (especially Jewish children) adopted toward themselves in the early = years of=20 Nazi Germany. They learned that there was something very "wrong"merely = with=20 being who they were. Demonization leads to self-doubt. Once any=20 group=E2=80=94religious, racial, or otherwise=E2=80=94begins to doubt = its own worth, it's less=20 likely to fight back against attacks. And its members come to believe = (often=20 correctly) that others won't come to its aid if it does defend=20


No group is 100 percent innocent. History shows Muslims turning on=20 Christians and Christians turning on Muslims. Pagan Nazis masquerading = behind=20 Christian propaganda slaughtered Jews by the millions. Militant = communist=20 atheists have killed passive Buddhists en masse. Muslims and Jews = accuse each=20 other of genocide. Animists slaughter Christians, then Muslims = slaughter=20 animists. I'm not intending, in this article, to place any faith above = any=20 other. Or to demonize any faith.=20

But I do say that American Christians are among the best friends = Jews have=20 ever had. And Christians and Jews are now "in it together." Militant = Islam=20 hates us both and wants us all dead or converted at sword point. With = Islam=20 likely to become the world's dominant religion, based on birthrate = alone, and=20 with 10 percent of Muslims believing in the righteousness of jihad, = both=20 Christians and Jews should fear, and prepare. We have no fear of the = 90=20 percent of Muslims who are peaceful and tolerant. But 10 percent of = the one=20 billion Muslims in the world is 100 million people who hate us ... and = that=20 number is growing.=20

Since most examples of officially sanctioned religious prejudice in = the=20 United States are now directed against Christians, it's time for us = Jews to=20 defend our Christian brothers.=20

And it's time for Christians to prepare to defend = themselves=E2=80=94=20 intellectually and spiritually for the moment, but perhaps physically = in some=20 not-too-distant future.=20

Someday we Jews may have to stand at the side of our Christian = friends in=20 defense of our country, our faiths, and our lives. We should all face = this=20 reality and prepare for it. We Jews should stop throwing barriers in = the way=20 of self-defense. And Jews and Christians alike should cultivate the = mindset=20 and skills for self-defense.=20

I addressed Jews recently in my article "The Beast Reawakens: A = Personal=20 Challenge to All Jews to Defend Themselves." ( ewishself-defense.htm)=20 The practical advice about self-defense in the latter half of that = article is=20 useful to anyone of any faith or no faith at all.=20

For the rest of this article, I will address my Christian friends.=20

The first defense of your faith and your rights, of course, lies in = persuasion. I urge you to do all that you can to educate others about = the=20 liberties inherent in all humankind=E2=80=94the freedoms so eloquently = and uniquely=20 spelled out in America's Bill of Rights. JPFO has put the Bill of = Rights on=20 our Web site in 11 languages=E2=80=94 including not only all the major = European=20 languages, but Russian, Korean, Hebrew, Arabic, and Chinese. (

The first amendment of that Bill famously says that the U.S. = Congress=20 "shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or = prohibiting the=20 free exercise thereof ..."=20

Many Christ-haters or G-d haters would like to throw that guarantee = out=20 forever. Some would replace it with their own non-Judeo-Christian = theocracy,=20 while others would prohibit the exercise of all religion in public = life,=20 period. We must know our history and show all these people that the = free=20 exercise of religion is part of the great tapestry of individual = rights that=20 enables millions of diverse human beings to reach their greatest = personal=20 potential, free from tyranny, and enables those same millions of = diverse human=20 beings to live peaceably together in the world, even when they = disagree on=20 many things.=20

Do not believe that your religion owes any apologies or any = concessions to=20 other religions. And understand that they owe none to you. What we all = owe=20 each other is an acknowledgement that religous freedom benefits = everyone.=20

This is our most important work of the moment: to build, or = restore, a Bill=20 of Rights culture in which all Americans (and hopefully, all the = world) can=20 live peaceably and in freedom.=20


We must deal with the reality that some of those who hate us will = never=20 listen to the beauty and reason of freedom. Therefore, we must also be = prepared to defend our lives, our faiths, our religious texts and=20 institutions, and our communities of fellow believers with the most = effective=20 tools available against attackers=E2=80=94firearms.=20

Some Christians (and far too many Jews) believe that pacifism is = the most=20 moral course. Many Christians quote Jesus's famous statement that they = should=20 "turn the other cheek" to an evil person. They forget that, in the = last hours=20 of his life, Jesus also ordered his disciples, "[H]e who has no sword, = let him=20 sell his garment and buy one." (Luke 22:36)=20

Think of that: Under the right circumstances, Jesus himself = believed that a=20 sword (the fiercest personal weapon of its day) was more important = than=20 clothing.=20

The Old Testament also counsels that it's moral to kill someone who = threatens you. ("If the thief shall be found breaking in, and he is = struck so=20 that he dies, there shall be no guilt for his bloodshed." Exodus 22:2) =

(You will find more on the Biblical view of self-defense in "What = Does the=20 Bible Say About Gun Control" by Larry Pratt, which is printed as = Chapter 18 in=20 the book Death by "Gun Control" by Aaron Zelman and Richard W. = Stevens.=20 This book is the basis for the documentary film Innocents = Betrayed,=20 which shows in even more poignant terms how bigotry against Christians = and=20 others has led to genocide. (

Roman Catholic doctrine echoes Exodus in endorsing not only the = right, but=20 the morality of self-defense. Section 2264 of the Catechism = says:=20

Love toward oneself remains a fundamental principle of morality.=20 Therefore, it is legitimate to insist on one's own right to life. = Someone=20 who defends his life is not guilty of murder even if he is forced to = deal=20 his aggressor a lethal blow.

Much of the war against Christians is so far a war of words, or of = small=20 injustices like those described in the opening of this article. There = is no=20 possible justification for using physical force to defend against such = offenses=E2=80=94especially when the justice system is still doing its = job.=20

But violence against Christians has also begun.=20

After all, the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, were = planned and=20 carried out by men with an implacable hatred for both Judaism and=20 Christianity. Those murderous fanatics and their supporters aimed to = destroy=20 both us and our faiths=E2=80=94and the country that shelters us.=20

You probably couldn't have effectively defended yourself on that = black=20 Tuesday unless you were on one of those planes and physically able to = subdue,=20 or kill, the hijackers. But few attacks in the inevitable years of = terror will=20 be on the scale of 9-11. Look to Europe now, where attacks against = Jews are=20 growing. You'll get a glimpse of what the future may be for Christians = in a=20 world overrun with Islamic fundamentalism.=20

Typical acts of violence (like those now being committed against = European=20 Jews) might include beating priests or nuns, burning churches, = shooting into=20 the windows of religious schools, desecrating cemetaries, throwing = excrement=20 on worshippers, or even suicide attacks carried out by fanatics who = walk into=20 your churches, schools, meeting halls, or neighborhoods.=20

Against these evil deeds, you can indeed defend yourselves, if = you're=20 well-armed and vigilant.=20

But you can only defend yourself if you're physically, emotionally, = and=20 intellectually prepared to do so=E2=80=94and if you are able to carry = effective tools=20 for defense.=20

This is where many of my Jewish brethren and your Christian liberal = brethren need to get out of your way. We must stop tryng to disarm = America's=20 potential victims, in the na=C3=AFve believe that benevolent = government will=20 protect everyone. Courts have ruled repeatedly that the government has = absolutely no duty to protect anyone. (Read Dial 911 and Die by = Richard=20 W. Stevens or my article "The Beast Reawakens" for a few key examples = of those=20 court rulings.)=20

Rather than assuming that ordinary people are incompetent to defend = themselves, our Jewish and Christian leaders should realize that self = defense=20 is, by its very nature, a job for ourselves, a job that cannot = be=20 delegated to far-away "experts." Self-defense is also a moral = job, and=20 the individual and collective responsibility of moral people.=20

Christians, Jews, and people of other religions or no religion have = enjoyed=20 a blessed safety in America. We've forgotten that in most places, and = in most=20 modern times, it's been normal for one religious group to hold = political power=20 and to use that power to oppress, or even slaughter, the minority. = Don't=20 merely look at the Holocaust and say it only happened once and "Never = Again!"=20

Look at the many religiously motivated genocides of the 20th = century. Look=20 back at the savage religious struggles of the Reformation. The = Crusades. The=20 Inquisition. The English civil war. When fanaticism takes over = any=20 religion, disaster can strike believers of other religions, or those = whose=20 beliefs don't meet some other standard of perfection. Look also at the = nominally peaceful countries where, nevertheless, some religious = minority=20 lives under the thumb of a majority, deprived of the right to freely = practice=20 its chosen faith.=20

I've said before that America has been a haven for the Jews. Let us = not=20 forget that it's also been a haven for Christians of every varity, = from=20 high-church Episcopalians to speaking-in-tongues Pentacostals, from = mainstream=20 churches like the Methodists to tiny sects like the Amish, from = cloistered=20 Roman Catholic nuns to the very public missions of non-traditional = Mormons and=20 Jehovah's Witnesses.=20

My Christian friends: Appreciate this land that has blessed you = with such=20 freedom. But also recognize how rare your freedom of worship has been = in=20 history. If fanatics overrun us and force their views upon us, it = won't be any=20 new and unprecedented disaster; it will be a return to a historic = norm.=20

If you want your freedom of worship, if you want your loved ones to = continue to live in an exceptional land that enables you to think and = believe=20 freely, then preserve the free culture of this land. Show your best=20 appreciation by being ready to defend this rare culture that has = encouraged=20 such freedom. For the present, defend freedom by respecting and = teaching=20 others about all of the Bill of Rights for all citizens.=20

When the day comes that you and your faith are violently attacked, = be=20 ready. Ready to defend your faith, your family, your community, = yourself, and=20 your freedom.=20

And know that brave armed Jewish brethren are ready to stand beside = you on=20 that day.=20

i Travis, Scott. "Palm Beach = restricts display of Nativity scene to foot of bridge."=20 December 24, 2003. ews/local/palmbeach/sfl-pnativity24dec24,0,5889372.story?coll=3Dsfla-news= -palm=20

ii Miles, Rev. Austin. "Public schools embrace Islam=E2=80=94A = shocker."=20 ASSIST News Service. January 10, 2002 http:= // Also see Lynne, Diana. "District sued over = Islam=20 studies." July 2, 2002.

iii "Cross-wearing woman sues over suspension."=20 May 10, 2003.

iv Turkey, 1915-1917 (target: Armenian Christians); East = Timor,=20 1975-1999 (target: Roman Catholics); Sudan, mid-1990s-to-present = (targets:=20 Christians and animists).

v G-d is spelled this way because it = is=20 against Jewish tradition to spell or speak the name of the Almighty = outside of=20 sacred settings.

vi For more on the stages of genocide see = Miller,=20 Richard Lawrence. Nazi Justiz: Law of the Holocaust. Praeger=20 Publications, 1995. For information on the characteristics of a police = state=20 (including demonization of targeted groups), see Wolfe, Claire and = Zelman,=20 Aaron. The State vs the People: The Rise of the American Police = State.=20 Mazel Freedom Press, 2002 ( =20

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