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I've been following with interest the "People's Agent vs Government Agent" discussion line.

My view is this:

Granted that a people will get the government they deserve. Either a responsible conscientious government thoughtfully elected and surveilled by an active and interested citizenry, or a power hungry arrogant and abusive government reflexively elected by an apathetic and self absorbed sheeple. In Canada's case one could say we are merely evolving according to our level of involvement and our acceptance of our duties. As Rick Lowe so ably points out, the protections of Canadian citizenship come with a price of civil duty. In this model we get exactly what we deserve.

Would that it were that simple!

What happens when a society is borne of political expediency rather than the revolutionary fight for Freedom? Could it be that insufficient checks on the acquisition of power by the State are put in place because the Fathers of Confederation whom, unlike the American Founding Fathers, never had to pay the price in blood of self and loved ones that is the cost of emancipation from tyranny? What happens when the State then evolves into a self serving monster that for all intents and purposes satisfies the definition of a living entity?

What does a living creature do that is different from an inanimate object? First and foremost It seeks to survive. We all know that the Canadian government is probably the most fossilized and conservative (that is to say, resisting change) bureaucracy in the Western world. Every major Librano policy is aimed at further entrenching themselves in power. Second it seeks to feed. Arguably, our country enjoys the highest tax burden of any country on earth, at any time in history. This tax money is the food that keeps the metabolism of government operating. Finally it seeks to reproduce. Canadian bureaucratic government's greatest efficiency is in creating more bureaucracy. We are even exporting our way of doing things to other countries via the UN and Windy Kookier's consultations to other countries regarding gun control, so that their governments can evolve along similar lines as ours.

In this model, the Monster doesn't have to be self aware and its existence would not necessarily be readily apparent to the humans that serve it. Even its major players would be unaware that what they think of as self serving patronage and pork barreling actually feeds the Beast. In the same way that a tree is not self aware, the State can be alive and serving its own ends without conscious thought. In the same way that my skin cells can be directed and affected by my brain without them being aware there is a brain, so can we subjects be made to serve the State without realizing that it is serving itself, not us. Similarly, my brain will protect the skin just so long as this serves the brain's safety and ambitions so the State will give the appearance of protecting us but will sacrifice us in an instant if it serves some hidden ambition. By analogy, I won't intentionally harm my skin unless I can get something I want at a reasonable cost in damage. (Consider, by typing this letter I am intentionally killing numerous skin cells on my fingertips. That's OK, they'll grow back).

So I envisage two parallel and mutually reinforcing phenomena. On the one hand there are the public officials (most of whom think that breaking eggs is the price of cooking omelets - they are well intentioned but misguided - and the few overtly corrupt ones) who are unable to change the system but are themselves changed by it, and there is the System itself which as I said seeks to Survive, Feed, and Reproduce.

So now we get to the interesting part. Yes, the Canadian electorate is apathetic and self centered and will vote for anyone that promises them a piece of the moon for free even if all prior such promises have been broken. But the poor dears come by it honestly. For the last several decades we have been consistently hammered with the State sanctioned messages that we cannot trust our own judgment. All risks must be vetted by the State. We get a package of rights simply by showing up with our hands out but there is no corresponding demand for duties. In fact to consider a demand for duties is to be labeled an intolerant (insert politically correct State approved Victim Group here) basher. The State will hire professional lobbyists to lobby itself to enact policies it has already decided upon. The State will propagandize in the full sense of the term. It keeps its machinations secret as a matter of course, not as a matter of public safety. And on and on I could go, but you get the point.

Canada is the Land of Contradictions.

We call our selves the True North Strong and Free, but we are not. The State is not true to the people. It wants the good little tax paying sheeple not to get too uppity and have any original thought. The People are true to welfare, lotteries, beer, and tobacco, mostly. Just try and take these away and see the uproar. We are not strong militarily, diplomatically, organizationally, nor individually, with few exceptions. We most definitely are not free as long as we are denied the rights to defend our lives, to move freely within our borders and to privately own our property. (Examples: 1) Securicor can defend a bag of money with a gun in public, but you can't defend your daughter with one. 2) While I write a national licensing exam, my license restricts me to work in a certain locale in one province. 3) Just imagine how long you would get to stay on your land if the State decided it had a better use for it.) But we keep lying to ourselves that we are and we actually believe it.

We call ourselves the oh, so tolerant melting pot. Yet we make a national sport of bashing Americans, gun owners, white straight rural males, and anyone who thinks that Bambi would look just great field dressed and ready for the meat cutters (all the while dining on surf and turf at a Librano fund raiser). We will rip apart anyone who asks tough questions like why 8 billion dollars yearly over four decades has not solved the social ills of our Aboriginal Peoples, or why most gang banger activity in Canada involves ethnically delineated gangs. We think we are a progressive society while the most political hay is made by anti-anythingers whose sole passion in life is getting the harmless but politically incorrect activities of others banned.

We need radical change and we need it now. (See ). If we do not halt these twin processes of senescence of our democratic institutions coupled with the emergence of the State monster, we will be doomed to suffer a genocidal tyranny as have many other countries that have followed the same path in history, remote and recent.

So my question is:

How will we know when it is too late to stop it peacefully?

There are so many simple small changes that would have big payoffs, but that never get the government nod. One such example is requiring school kids to walk to school if the distance is less than 1 km, to engage in 1 hour of conditioning exercise daily (not sports games, but calisthenics) before starting class work, and to clean the classes and common areas of their school before going home. Think of how this would alter the mental fabric of society in favour of personal responsibility. Another example would be to teach Eddie Eagle to all grade 3 students and the CFSC to all grade 9 students. Think of what this would do for public safety. Total cost for this is minimal compared to the huge sums the State blows on its various boondoggles. Another example would be to make every law have an expiry date so that useless laws could quietly disappear without embarrassing the government of the day while good laws could be actively maintained.

The State will do everything in its power to oppose this kind of change. It will alter every rule in its favour and then break them all to keep us down. It will never give up power willingly. It will impose increasingly severe sanctions against anyone or any thing it perceives as a threat. Just look at what is happening to the shooting community if you need an example.

So again, when should we realize that it is time to fight for our Freedoms? To paraphrase John Ross in Unintended Consequences, must we wait until we are 70 lbs underweight, in rags, and on the boxcars headed for the camps? By then it will be too late.

I am open to ideas.

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