Adventures of Chuchi

by Jane Gaffin entertaining, lively, action-packed tale traces the Siberian Husky's origin from her birthplace in the high Arctic...through her adventures while growing upon a Colorado ranch with the Rawlins family... and follows her wanderings through the North country of Yukon and Alaska.

Loveable - yet a stubborn rascal with a mind of her own - Chuchi will charm youas she weaves through many scrapes, acts of bravery and outrageous antics. She competes against her arch enemy, Kimo, in a dog sled race; plays matador to a Brahma bull; tangles with a pack of wild dogs; saves a child from drowning; is stolenby a thief and catches another; and eventually becomes separated from the Rawlins family.

Jane Gaffin's story is about a very special puppy - a gift from an Eskimo - is broughtto the Rocking R Ranch by a unique man and presented to the two Rawlins youngsterswho have been working hard to save money to buy such a pet.

As the clumsy little husky grows up to fit her huge white paws, the tight jams she naively gets into are laughable... until the neighbours want her killed.

You readers... and grown-ups who are still kids at heart... will love Chuchi, a dog story to provoke your giggles.

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